Mad Money

So we went to the movies yesterday. Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes Cruise and Diane Keaton. It was a decent movie. Problem. They were criminals. And we kind of keep pulling for the criminals in the movie. And in the end, you hope the criminals turn their lives around. Without ruining the movie, I am wondering if I shouldn’t have more bells and sirens going off inside. Hey, they are breaking the law. Hey, they are tearing apart a financialy system. Hey, should not justice and obedience to law triumph?

OK. I know. It’s just a movie. Maybe I am a bit of a goober. And I am pretty particular about what I watch. So I am already preconditioned to analyze what I watch before and after. But maybe we are just getting too numb and to used to seeing stuff that flies in the face of Biblical living.

P.S. Have you noticed that all the new shows seem to be filled with sex and nudity? My kids are seeing these commercials and frankly I am getting fed up with it. And yes I am writing people to voice my opinion. Are we a culture that just won’t watch unless sex is part of the package?

2 Responses to Mad Money

  1. tonyohh says:

    Amen Brother

    This makes me crazy, and yes writing letter is a good idea, it may not change much short term but in the end it might.

  2. That must be why I watch all the nerdy detective shows, like the original CSI, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Monk, The Closer. . . No one’s having sex on those shows.

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