First Fruits

Every month, on the first Sunday of every month, we collect fruit for the local food pantry. Our church is pretty faithful to give extra fruit every month. In fact, our church gives. I am amazed at how faithful our people are. More amazing is we don’t formally take up offerings. We just have a quiet, unassuming box in the back. More on that another day.

Right now we have some initiatives before us that need funding.

First, we want to put some Bibles in Iraq. Not just any Bibles. These will be mp3 Bibles on a nearly indestructible solar powered, hand cranked, rechargeable battery kind of MP3 player. And, the Bible is spoken in their native language. We need to raise around $1,000 for our initial committment.

Second, we need more chairs. And they run around $70 a piece. We probably need around 30 or so, which puts us at the $2,000 mark.

Third, we are thinking getting some more space for our building. That alone will be at least an additonal $1,500 or so a month.

The point of this post. I hate asking for money. I can cast vision all day. But vision almost always costs money. So here is my pondering. What if we simply had one “first fruits” offering and featured only one initiative. So, instead of pushing all these things, we simply determined which initiative needed to be featured and that was what we focused on for a special offering. Just thinking out loud here. I am always trying to do everything within the financial giving that we receive and not ask for more. But this is a way to focus on only one thing each month without oversaturating our church with needs and opportunities.

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