Dangerous Empowering

I think it’s a risky thing to empower people. On the other hand, I think it’s dangerous not to empower people. The big fear is always failure. What if the empowered person fails / struggles / blows up? What if they make a complete mess and people get hurt or leave the church? All legitimate. And all things I constantly think about. Every time a person is placed into position, I can’t help but think through some worse case scenarious.

I really never saw Jesus do that though. Granted, He was God. And He was able to manage people, places and things better than me. But He dangerously sent out His disciples to do stuff. Big stuff. Crazy stuff. And it could have blown up on Him right? But He didn’t seem to care. He seemed intent on trainging and discipling.

I think about all the crazy pastors who placed me into positions. What were they thinking? I always thought about all the great things I would do. Never once did I think about the possible disasters I could create. Fortunately, I didn’t have a lot.

So I think that putting people into position, empowering them, and trusting them, is a big risk. But it’s a necessary risk. And there must be accountability. But in the end, it’s dangerous, but rewarding work.

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