Time is not on my side

Being bi-vocational and pastoring a soon or not-so-soon to be mega church, I find that I have to seriously fight for time. Who doesn’t right? Every moment I have, I feel the compultion to try and knock out some task that needs desperate attention. I feel like a waiter at a restaurant who tries to take out five plates to a table. One slip, one mishap, and nobody gets anything.

Now that I am finished with my master’s degree, I feel like church work is ramping up and moving into the space of time that was occupied with studies. Sometimes I feel like the kid I completely plastic wrapped in a junior high service once. There was simply no way of escape. But it looked pretty funny.

Sounds whiny I know. But I find that time is not on my side at this moment. And I am feeling my sleep time getting pinched. So much so that I am going back to taking a power nap at lunch.

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