Soccer fan parents

Tonight, watching my sons soccer game, and of course offering some innocent bystander comments, I came to a brillian observation: It is always the others teams parents that are obnoxious. And I am quite sure all the parents of the other team fully agreed with my statement.

 I am enjoying meeting some of the parents. I am meeting people I would not normally meet.

2 Responses to Soccer fan parents

  1. eric wright says:

    You should have seen the parents from my daughter’s team! They were horrible to the coach. He happened to be a long-time friend of mine, but even if he hadn’t been a friend, their comments were completely uncalled for. If my daughter had been more aware of the way they were acting, I would have pulled her out.

  2. eric wright says:

    By the way…you passed the test.

    I didn’t, I thought I had deleted that one.

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