Content Impact

Preparing messages for me are a lot like practicing a dangerous jump before the big show. I have to get it right in my life before I have any aspirations of seeing it lived out in our church. But the content impact on me personally seems to have different action points on the timeline. This last Sunday I spoke on anger. And I had a few moments last week where I could feel God dealing with me about where I wrestle with anger. But Sunday after the message, it seemed like the content impact ramped up. It seemed that everything that could go wrong did go wrong. And I could feel the impact of the message come to bear in my life.

I find I would much rather preach on things that I have down in my life. But that seems to be unimportant to God. Lately, I have found that WE ALL are on the journey together. And for me personally, I have to embrace the content impact moments just as much as everyone else.

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