Happy Anniversary

Today is my wife’s and my wedding anniversary. Seems every year, some ministry thing comes up on both our anniversary and valentines day. This year is no different. We are going to celebrate Tuesday night.

Kandy has been my faithful companion for 21 years now. Amazing. We have been to about half the states in our country, Barbados, England and Ireland. We have seen a ridiculous amount of concerts, conventions and concerts. We have been through water, snow and even a blizzard in pursuit of chocolate chip cookie ingredients. We have had dogs, rabbits, gerbals fish and an occasional cat that did not belong to us. We have experienced weddings and funerals and a bunch of hospital visits. We have had great dates and goofy dates and a host of birthday parties (yeah, I did throw her a McDonald’s birthday party once and we did the whole hats, cakes, and goofy games). We have laughed. We have cried. But we have never thrown anything at each other or slammed doors. And I think it has been well over 15 years since one of us slept on the couch for anything other than a coughing fit. We have charged up our share of credit cards, bought cars we couldn’t afford, and given away a lot of money to a lot of people. We have cleaned up stuff in various churches, some of which was probably borderline nuclear. We have seen lives transformed and we have seen lives ruined, all depending on their decisions to walk with or not walk with Christ. We have been to family reunions and reunions with friends. We have been through a lot, just like everyone else.

So today, my dear friend, my partner, my beloved, Happy Anniversary. I value you, cherish you, and find you to be simply irresistable. Thanks for 21 years!

One Response to Happy Anniversary

  1. Kandy says:

    Right back at ya, babe!

    Love ya!

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