In Prayer

At men’s prayer this morning, I was so mentally distracted. Sometimes, when I get distracted, I allow myself to chase down and kill the rabit so to speak. But today, there were too many rabits. I had a ton of thoughts rushing through my mind. And the whole time I kept having to pul myself back to the place of conversation with God. It was laborious to say the least. I certainly don’t want my prayer time to be sterile and to obviously routine. But I also don’t want to deviate from the purpose of the prayer time.

A few things I am praying about:

We need more finances to come in to finish up some projects at church (who doesn’t)
Souls. I am asking God to create in our church a place where people find Jesus all the time in different ways.
More momentum. We have momentum in some areas. But I really want to see us have all cylinders firing.
Celebration. I think we need to continually find new ways to celebrate what God is doing.
Staffing. We have three of gaping staffing holes in our church. Administration. Community Groups. Communication.
Creativity. I always want to be a place where creativity thrives. Easier said than done.

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