Thanks For Adding Me

You have been there. In line. Waiting for whatever. And the person near you takes or makes a cell phone call. And you are stuck. You are engaged in the persons cell phone call. And most of the time, the person is talking way louder than they need to be. In fact, I bet you could whisper into most cell phones and be heard just fine. And if that’s not bad enough, the push to talk stuff now let’s you in on both parts of the conversation. Now you get to hear what your “new friend” is saying, but you also get to hear the person on the phone. How wonderful.

So here are my tips on how to return the favor.

1. Talk to the “new friend” as if they were talking to you. Respond to everything they say on the phone.

2. Turn and face your “new friend” and just look at them. Say nothing. Just nicely and quietly look at them. Maybe smiling at them will help make the situation more interesting.

3. Pick up your cell phone and talk at the same time your “new friend” is and see who has the more interesting conversation.

4. Find some reason to talk to the person like “Oh hey, why don’t you go ahead of me” or “Oh hey, nice shoes.”

5. Be a creator of ambient noise. It’s really hard to hear on a cell phone when a lot of other noise is competing with your “new friend’s” conversation.

Got any more really cool or annoying ideas?

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