Church Mgmt System

We are now looking at CMS’s. Here is our budget $0. Seriously, we are beginning to look at various systems. But we have needs (remember Bob in What About Bob “I have needs).

Must be functional online
Must have the ability to give members access
Must have live checkin for Sunday mornings and events
Must have accounting features
Must have tracking of our members through attendance and through class completions
Must have multiple levels of security rights
Must be cheap
Must be really cheap

I will try and compile a list of these that I come across in the near future. Tedious for sure, but it might save someone some time!

2 Responses to Church Mgmt System

  1. carl says:

    I have run through all the open source ones I could find and none were all that good (at least to me). The GUIs were horrible and could not even figure out some.

    Hope you come up with something good.

  2. You should check out ChurchTrac! It meets all the criteria you’ve listed above, except maybe for live check-in–although, you could have the program running and check people into the service as they come in, if that’s what you’re talking about.

    As for the budget, I don’t know what the size of your church is, but ChurchTrac is free for small churches. You can enter in up to 100 names to your church’s member database for no charge. Anything above that calls for a one-time fee that’s very reasonable as compared to other suites out there. All aspects of your church’s needs are included–attendance tracking for any kind of service, event, or meeting, full accounting features for offerings and for church accounts, membership tracking, the works. Your members’ demographic page even allows for digital photos, which will then in turn allow you to create a pictoral directory. If you have a network built at the church, like we do, it’s able to be customized to fit your church network–i.e., the data file can be put onto your network drive and accessed from any computer on your church’s network that has the program installed. Their addresses link up to Google Maps from the interface for directions. There’s security options just to open the program, and added security for the financial features.

    You should give it a look, if you haven’t already. I find the layout to be easy to understand and navigate, to boot.

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