The Inbetweeners

I am cooking up a new sermon series with that title. The concept is rather simple. Everyone is between. I think I posted on this already, but just trying to keep the thought cooking until I get all the seasoning perfected.

But we are all in between somone else. There are those that are richer and poorer. Healthier and unhealthier. Smarter and not so smart. Younger and not so young. I think a new born baby and someone who is 100 may not feel so inbetween. But here is the point. So often we look at where we have been or where we are going. We look at what we have done or what we want to do. We compare our sin and our junk with those who have and have not done such things. We are in a constant state of comparision.

But perhaps you and I need to turn this on it’s side, or ear, or rear. Instead of looking at where we are in relation to where we want to be, why don’t we look at who we can help become what they want? If we would be a catalyst for someone else, we wouldn’t notice so much where we are or what we lack.

An example. A guy is a senior on the football team. He think he will finally get his shot. He is a quarterback and he feels he has earned his spot. Then in comes an incredibly talented sophomore, exceedingly more talented than him. So what is his choice? Quit. complain to the coach that he has earned the spot through tenure. Break the other guys ring finger on his throwing hand.

Maybe instead, he could mentor and help the sophomore become hugely successful. Sure. The pain of not playing is rough. The fact that as a senior he won’t be playing is hard on the pride. But is there a more meaningful pursuit of maturity and character needing to be developed? Instead of seeing where he is and where he wants to be, he finds someone else and helps them succeed even though it is to his own disadvantage. We can choose to be inbetweeners, or we can be catalysts.

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