No longer bulletproof

I was reflecting the other day on my journey through pastoral ministry. And I remember vividly my first five or so years. I really thought I knew everything. I thought I had a solution to ever problem, and answer for every question, a path through a pathless place. Fortunately for me, God kept allowing me to tollerate crow and humble pie. I had a perception that I was bulletproof to some degree. And I also felt like if people couldn’t see that I had a vision, a plan, then they probably just couldn’t see period.

When I came to my first full time ministry position, God began forging me under the caring and loving leadership of a handful of Godly men. It was the beginning of the realization that I was not bulletproof. I began to realize through the mentoring process that I had so much to learn.

It’s funny really. I read so many blogs of so many pastors around the country. And I can always pick out the ones who were like me. And I kind of hurt for them because I know they will have to learn that they aren’t as bulletproof as they think. What’s even funnier is that I can slip into Kevlar man from time to time. And God allows something to get through and remind me how much I am not bulletproof.

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