Name dropper

I wonder some times whose name is more important? Is Jesus name really the name we are promoting. I think if we were all honest, we would all say we want to be famous or important or well known. Normal right? But our name still has not gotten anyone saved. Our name still has not healed anyone. Our name still has not delivered one person from any addiction. Our name usually loses any significant impact within moments of our death. Yet Jesus name can do it all.

Last night, at a stinking cold soccer game, I went down at halftime and bought eight cups of hot chocolate and took it up to some of the freezing parents and passed them out. Most of them didn’t even know my name. And I didn’t bother telling them. I just handed them out and went back to my igloo and waited for the second half to start. And it was a genuine act of kindness. But I also hope that through building a relationship with some of these people, I will be able to share His name. My name won’t help them. Even if I was famous, my name wouldnt help them. But Jesus name will help them now and forever.

 P.S. Still no goal for my son. He had three amazing shots on goal. One hit the post. So close, but still no goal yet.

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