Night Rider

So I thought I would check out the new version of the old Hoff show. So after a couple of minutes of opening information, the scene cuts to a guy sleeping. Then he wakes. He goes into the next bedroom. And there is what I guess was his roommate asleep with a girl beside him. Then in comes another girl and crawls in bed with the guy and girl. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Come on. Is it impossible to put a show on the air without the sexually overcharged and overexposed junk? Call me a prude. But I simply will not watch one bit of this show ever.

I am really so tired of television and hollywood assuming that everyone in America needs sex and nudity to be entertaned.

One Response to Night Rider

  1. Chad Wright says:

    This is why I’ve always thought the church should constantly be talking about sex.

    If the world’s view of sex is all we ever see (and we see a lot of it) where will our minds go automatically?

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