Grad Ring

Today, the trusty UPS driver dropped off a small envelope at my door. I didn’t know what it was. It had my name on it. Thought sometimes my wife orders stuff with my name so I wasn’t sure if it was something for her. I opened it up to find a soft, velvety bag. Inside was a box. And in that box was my first ever graduation ring. I couldn’t afford one in high school. And by the time I could, I wasn’t interested. Then, when I finally got my bachelor’s degree in theology, I pondered getting a ring, but figured it simply cost too much. But now that I got my master’s degree, my wife determined for me that I needed one.

 So now, I have on this overpriced gem, a small symbol of three degrees, a high school diploma, a bachelor’s in theology, and a master’s in Christian counseling. So if I get a doctorate or an MBA, I am voting for a new car as my next symbol of accomplishment.

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