Hey 25

Last night at my son’s soccer game, a dad was severely railing on what he was calling number 25. He was a part of the visitor crowd. I can only assume this was his son. Here are some of the comments, paraphrased

Hey 25, are you even in the game
Hey 25, can you please show me something
Hey 25, why are you out there
Hey 25, are you kidding me

There was more, but you get the drift. I felt so very badly for this kid. This guy was way out of line and surely made that kid wish he was on the bench, away from the berating he was getting from “super fan”.

At church, I think people secretly hope that they don’t ever get called out, ridiculed, made fun of or belittled. I have heard more than one person tell me that they didn’t feel judged at our church. I think I have to continually create a culture of acceptance, grace, and welcome. We can’t gloss over sin or treat it as if it doesn’t exist. But we also have to be the right kind of cheerleaders for people.

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