I got up way too early yesterday to have breakfast with our children’s pastor. Then I had to drive out of town. I was nearly falling asleep on the drive out. I arrived early to my destination so I pulled in to a grocery store parking lot, put on my sun glasses, put my phone up to my ear, propped my arm up on the door and took a fifteen minute nap. To the innocent bystander, it looked like I was having a conversation on the phone. To me, it was a pretty deep sleep for 10 minutes. How bout you? What is the craziest memory of you sleeping?

One Response to Sleepy

  1. I pretty much slept through my college philosophy class. Dr. Keene (who insisted we call him Craig) was cool about it though. Always said “good morning” to me when I woke up and such. I got a “B” in his class, so he really couldn’t complain. 🙂

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