In the news

A few thoughts on news items

NFL has reversed it’s decision. Churches can now view the game on big screens. Prior to this, it was the first time the church went underground to have secret meetings in the United States. Finally the NFL gets oxygen to the brain.

Bluray lives / HiDef DVD dies. Seriously. We will be in a continual loop of new technology duking it out for supremecy. Early adopters take the risk of being “betaized”. Beta was the technology competing with VHS. And when VHS finally won out, a lot of Beta folks got left holding some very clunky technology.

McCain and the Times. Is it really a major revelation that a newspaper may have propped up a story and defamed someones character? The front page prints the story. The back page prints the apology or retraction. It’s routine.

We shot down a dead satellite. This was an amazing feat. The satellite was orbiting around the earth at a 17,000 miles per hour. It was the size of school bus. The rocket was shot from a ship. And it had to be guided by the ship for a short while. On the one hand, this is incredibly amazing. On the other hand, why is it we can’t develop technology to take all the fat grams out of a frappucino?

Simon Cowell seems more angry and bitter this season than usual. And it almost seems like Paula and Randy are an item. It’s a continual two vs one. Simon is usually right about most of his assessments. But he is like a nurse using a pole vault to give someone an injection. And I am a bit weary of Seacrest always cutting down Cowell. Two wrongs don’t make this show necessarily right.

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