My News Today

Soccer – My son finished out the JV high school soccer season. He had several opportunities for goals but just didn’t get one in. As a defensive mid fielder, that can be a challenge. He also didn’t get a ton of playing time, nor did a lot of the freshman. As you may remember, I told him I would buy him a new pair of cleats after his first goal. Season over. I bought him the cleats anway. I am too soft.

In-laws – My wifes parents are staying with us for a month. They are visiting all their children across the country now that they are retired.

Still smarting – We haven’t gotten our final grades for our Master’s degrees. But I am pretty sure my wife scored higher than I. Why am I so competitive? Why can’t I celebrate that she is two points smarter than me? And she will use this information against me later. I can feel it.

Fever blister – Since sitting in arctic temperatures to watch a soccer game, I have a fever blister on my lips. I don’t understand those things.

Guest speakers – I didnt see it coming. I booked one guy to speak the first Sunday in April. Then, the regional director of MFI is going to be with us the last Sunday in March. That means we have guest speakers lined up two weeks in a row, the next two Sundays after Easter. I am sure it’s a God thing. And I do get two weeks off to prepare for a series on the book of Ephesians.

That can’t be good – Is it a good thing that Jack Nicholson endorses your campaign? He has a video on youtube featuring movie lines that support certain aspects of Billary’s campaign. Honestly, I think that might be up there with Farrakhan’s endorsement of Barrack. (I think I serioiusly didn’t sell Farracon’s name right)

Cold – Holy cow. It’s freezing here. I know some of you have this weather all the time. But we are not under your curse. We are here in Austin for a reason. ESCAPE.

Big 12 Basketball – Holy cow. What is Kansas doing? We need them to start tanking. UT no doubt will run into them again. And I am not sure Texas can handle a team that dismantled KU and Texas Tech as easily as they did. I still can’t stand KU. And the wheat wave? It’s looks like a bunch of people who took it seriously when they said “Just throw your hands in the air. Wave em around like you just don’t care.” Seriously. Get some fan coordination people.

Facebook is awful. I think I am going to ditch it. It serves no purpose for me. How many dang movie quizzes, likeness tests, and wall superwall postings can I deal with. I can’t even get to all my emails some days so why should I facebook?

2 Responses to My News Today

  1. Jeremy Self says:

    to your facebook comment check out this video: it’s pretty funny:)

  2. Wow. That even more makes me want to cancel my facebook account. Thansk for the video link. Too funny.

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