Is it just me or do the same themes keep appearing and reappearing on blogs. I read a blog yesterday. Then I read another blog. And both were blogging on the same topic. And I know one copied the theme from the other one. Not that I mind or care. It just seems like the same kinds of information is getting regurgitated. And I wish some people would just write what they are thinking rather than what they got off someone elses blog for a change.

I really believe everyone has a story. Everyone has an idea. Nothing is original I know. God is the original. But people don’t take their minds out for jogs enough. To me, a blog is a place for people to project their thinking. People are far more inspiring that they give themselves credit. I just wish they knew that and wouldn’t use other blogs as their material all the time.

3 Responses to Repetition

  1. lance says:

    i agree. it’s very annoying. i usually think, “are you guys equipping and releasing people to advance the kingdom of God?” or “are you just in a holy huddle sharing ideas, while we build the kingdom of the church, instead of the kingdom of God.” i don’t normally share that thought with anyone. but i do think it. then i honor them and pray (sometimes) that people are brought to fullness in their churches.

  2. I just read a blog post today on a very similar subject to one I wrote about last week. I doubt I was copied, because a lot of these ideas are floating around out there, and it’s hard to be truly original. And even if this person HAD copied me, our takes on the subject were completely in our own style and very different from one another. You can be inspired by a topic and put your own spin on it. But the ones that are blatantly copying are annoying, and I hear more about it every day.

    I hope no one thinks I’m copying! At least when I’m inspired to write about something I read about on another blog, I give the original blogger credit for the inspiration. Then I go do my own thing with the topic.

  3. I think it’s one thing to copy. It’s a whole separate thing to add to the conversation, or run it into a different direction, or bring clarity to it in a different way. I just find some people, maybe I do it to, don’t put out anything original. The hyperlink like crazy. They point to what someone else said. But we never get to the part about what they truly think. What is a new idea in their mind? What inspiration is in their brain that is needing to get out? Something original. That’s all I am saying. Well, it’s not really all, but…

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