Friday Round Up

So I write about Omarosa being gone and it’s my biggest traffic spike ever. Day two and I am so glad she is off the show.

I put in about 17 hours of drive time this week. That’s a lot of time alone to think about everything. And I did think about everything.

No one but me was at men’s prayer. Well, except for the booming voice of the Holy Spirit that really imparted something to me personally. Prayer is so good when it’s not just me.

Taking the honey lamb out for a date tonight. She is so adorable. Yes. It’s my wife. Shees. Some people.

We have a packed in 6 weeks of church ahead. Guest speakers. Worker training. A bit of building work. Video stuff. It should be good and busy and all that. And I can’t wait to see God answer some prayers I have been praying.

I think the video game rock band is a lot like Christianity. Anyone can play. Not many are real good at it. But when everyone is working together, playing together, it all seems to work out great! Except no one is paying to see us play.

We got some cash in the mail today. We filled out some surveys. Cash to date on this thing? $50. I don’t know why or how but we got some loot to go blow. Not much. But it’s burning.

I am sleeping in tomorrow. You can call me after 10:00 am. If you call earlier than that, I will hunt you down and…

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