The Best Thing

The very best thing I could do is often the quickest thing I forget. Jesus summed it up. Love God. Love others. Simple. Nothing fancy. No big marquis. No blimp. No commercials. Simple. But it’s the best thing I can do.

I don’t think people will remember me for any of my good, bad or middle of the road sermons. The buildings and decorations will all fall apart. All my really cool Powerpoint slides lose their excitement about one minute after they are shown. Pretty much everything I do is so small.

But if I love God passionately and zealously, it will make a difference to the only one that matters – God. If I love others just as passionately and zealously, it will mae a difference to the recipients.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t want to love people. At other times, I am so worn out doing things to prepare for people, that love is kind of not on the radar.

I think I need to be doing the best things more. People may not remember what I did, but God will. But that’s not the point either is it? Being remembered? The point is that I somehow have pleased God. I have managed to do what it is that He highly values.

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