Longhorns and Durant

Last year, it was all about Kevin Durant. And he really is a superstar. But as good as he was, the Longhorns this year are simply a better team. Amazing. You have the hottest freshman around last year, but it doesn’t compare to this years team. So what’s the difference.

When there is a superstar, the team is not in focus. All the attention and pressure is not on the team. If the superstar fails, he can get all the blame. If the superstar succeeds, he gets all the credit. Not taking anything away from Durant. He is a class act. But a team seems to rise to higher levels when there is equal and shared responsibility to perform.

I am constantly concerned for our team that they all rise equally to levels of committment, involvement, creatify and responsibility. Not that I am the equivalant to Durant for our church. But the stronger I have to be, the weaker our team will be. The more our church and team relies on me, the weaker the other team members will be.

Maybe that’s why Jesus sent them out in two’s without Him. Maybe that’s why Jesus said I must go away after He was resurrected. He knew that we, as a body of believers, needed to step up and exercise our faith, our joy, our commitment, our giving.

I hope today that we all maximize our potential.

One Response to Longhorns and Durant

  1. eric wright says:

    It reminds me of the movie Miracle. Several people get on the coach for cutting some really superstar quality players. He says, “I don’t want the best people. I want the right people.” That line has stuck with me; especially in a day and age of superstar pastors.

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