Would I miss it

Would I miss my TV if I kicked it to the curb? Honestly. I think it is a huge waste of time. There are some shows on tv that I really dig. But other than that, I can waste a whole evening going from dumb show to dumb show. If something is coming on at 8, it is way to easy to plunk down and watch tv from 6 until 8 shows up.

TIVO / DVR is not an option. I refuse to get that because I don’t want my family to start stockpiling shows and have marathon sittings. MacITV is not an option either. The unit costs too much. And the downloadable programming is not any different apparently than what I can get on iTunes. So the Laptop to TV functionality handles that.

I think I am going to at least ditch satellite. The whole family will lose out on some type of favorites. We can always buy a season of whatever our fav is.

More to the point. Ditching tv opens up the windows of time. Time to read. Time to talk. Time to play mankala. Time to fill in the blank. We will obviously keep the local channels. That will keep the kids from spinning out into orbit. But I think overall it will be a great thing.

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