Social interruptions

Maybe I am wrong. In fact, I probably am. But it seems to me that all these social networks just suck up time.

Twitter – Wait. I gotta write down what I just did. That way the people following me will know. And those that arent here can be frustrated that they missed it. And while I am writing it, I can stop whatever I am doing, or put on pause people around me.

Facebook – Cool. More trivia games. Oh wait. I just wrote a wall post meant for one person but sent it everywhere. Yeah you can be my friend. But do we have to write to each other cuz I don’t have enough time to hear about what’s going on in your life. I only have time to answer questions and write about me.

Myspace – No I don’t want to be your friend. You look like a hooker or stripper. And can you tell all your friends I don’t want to be their friend either. It’s weird though. All of you have the same bio and friends network. And I really don’t like my other friends music. So before I go see what they are doing, I have to mute my speakers. And I can’t even read some of the stuff because of the graphics. So I have to highlight all your text first.

I like blogging. Because I am not obligated to be interactive. I choose to so I can engage information in an organized way. But honestly, other than that, for me personally, I find this social party getting too time consuming.

2 Responses to Social interruptions

  1. […] had this post waiting in the hopper for a while but was inspired by Tony’s post to finally throw it out […]

  2. chrismarlow says:

    depends on the “end goal.”

    it can suck up time if you allow. like golf or tv or anything else. but you can also utilize it for many good things.

    like today i was able to pray for some friends who “twittered” a few things and I knew they needed prayer.

    i never do any of the facebook applications, but I do connect with multiple “unchurched” friends via facebook.

    it all depends on strategy.

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