Vending Machine

I worked through lunch. So I went to the vending machine for some provisions. As I survey the vast amount assortment, I eye the Doritos. Someone before me had tried to buy a bag but their selection was hung and I could tell they never got it. So, thinking I was gonna get an extra bag, I plunked in my .75 and waited as the cool steel machinery turned my way. I could not forsee what would happen. The first bag, and what was legitimately mine, the second bag, hung up as the screw turned just a bit more. I went back into my office. Why? Because I needed more money to get what was mine and what someone else had paid for. In went three quarters. The screw turned again. For some crazy reason, now, all three bags, the final three bags, were somehow miraculously pinned. Not being one to lose, I inserted a dollar bill. Finally, the screw turned, and three bags were reluctantly freed.

I suppose it serves me right thinking I would get a two for one deal. I am the lucky winner of the 3 for 3 game. The vending machine is a tool of my own demise.

4 Responses to Vending Machine

  1. Jimmy says:

    Hey there Tony…what is happening?

    Just thought I would stop by and say howdy!


    Jimmy Eldridge

  2. Chad says:

    Similar thing happenned to me on a road trip when I stopped at the rest stop for some peanut m&m’s. They were ridiculously priced to begin with, but then the bag I bought hung up. The machine was securely locked inside a steel cage – no chance of shaking my snack loose. I ended up paying for two bags of overpriced m&m’s and chalked it up to poetic justice… I own a vending company.

  3. Well, I am sorry for your story. But it did make me smile. And you own a vending machine company. Painful.

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