Am I the only one? I type so fast that I routinely have typo’s. And I could use spell check, but rarely do. I probably need a proofreader. But it’s a hassle. I sent out a mass email to our church yesterday notifying of a phone number. It looked like an international number. I had to re-send. Am I the only one?

I know. If I don’t spell check it makes me look stupid. Too late. And if it were only spell check that earned me the stupid label, I would have adopted spell check long ago.

But, I am turning over a new leaf today. I am gonna slow down, stop everything, just so my spelling and typo’s get fixed properly. And if you have ever read anything here that had a typo and it side tracked you, my most humble apologies.

 (This document was spell checked by WordPress and no typo’s were found. Praise the Lord.)

One Response to Typo

  1. Kinda funny that the only typo that WordPress didn’t get was “typo’s.” No need for an apostrophe there. 🙂 I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum. I obsessively re-check everything over and over for typos (I just don’t trust spell check for reasons like the one above), and when one tiny typo gets through, I go nuts.

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