I like free

Back in the day, (which could be today in some places), anything you got from a church cost money. Conference tapes. Sermon CD’s. Video’s. If the church could produce it, they would sell it. I am so glad that some of those things are turning into freeware. A price must be placed on some things so the church isn’t drowning in expenses. But if they can do it for free, by all means!!!

So hats off to those of you who just give it away. And my hat is escpecially off to Perry Noble of Newspring. http://www.newspring.cc/unleash/ I am guessing they don’t have it all out there for us. But wow that’s some free stuff. PDF’s and videos.

So here is where I say a big THANK YOU since I couldn’t get to your conference. Hey Ed Young? Andy Stanley? Bill Hybels? Are you thinking of following suit?

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