1 a: disinclination to action or labor : indolence b: spiritual apathy and inactivity <the deadly sin of sloth>2: any of various slow-moving arboreal edentate mammals (genera Bradypus and Choloepus) that inhabit tropical forests of South and Central America, hang from the branches back downward, and feed on leaves, shoots, and fruits — compare three-toed sloth, two-toed sloth

 In the last few weeks, for whateve reason, I have felt kind of slothly (or is it sloth-like). My schedule has been jam packed. Our in-laws were visiting. And everything is continuing to increase in terms of stuff that needs attention. And yet I found myself dressing more and more slothily. I was doing my devotions in slotherly zeal. And in general, I found myself feeling like the king of sloths. It’s not that I stopped working or quit doing the stuff. I just felt a bit slothenly.

So, today, I am trying to turn over a new leaf. I am wearing a new shirt. I put on some loafers. Spalshed on a bit of cologne (no, its not that nasty stuff Axe.) And I am going to see if I can de-sloth myself.

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