My day today

Today I wanted to sleep in. I had the day off. But I went to men’s prayer at 6:30 am anyway. After prayer at around 7:30, I decided to take a snoozer. The snoozer turned into an hour and a half dream fest. I got up, headed out to my favorite breakfast spot, WHATABURGER for the number 11.

I went into Home Depot after that. I needed to get some stuff to work on the church today. Rolled into the church and put up some trim. Cleaned that up. Then the family joined me for lunch at the Texican. Mexican food. Mexican food makes any Friday good.

I then took my son shopping for some clothes. When does sagging become a word you no longer have to deal with? I bought him some nice shirts and jeans to update his look. Ay carumba.

I dumped him off at home and headed back to the church. I decided to take another nap. Old? Tired? Fatigue? Who knows. Slept for a good 45 minutes.

Woke up and read some blogs and caught up on emails.

Now, I am going to change out some light bulbs, rearrange the lighting, and then work on my sermon stuff for Sunday. Tonight, we are headed to Johnny Finn’s to hear our drummer play a gig. It’s right on Lake Travis. Should be fun.

After that, I am gonna go home, and crash and wake up whenever something wakes me up.

You probably haven’t read this far, but if you have, I hope you have a stellar Easter weekend.

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