Liquor Is Quicker

We went to watch our drummer play a gig on Lake Travis last night. And we were seated pretty well to watch the scene unfold. The band was playing a bunch of cover stuff. Stevie Ray. Some blues. 80’s. As we are watching, we read a sign below the stage. And it warned that no kids under the age of 18 are allowed on the dance floor after 9:00 pm because of adult oriented activities. Huh? So we watch some more. Eventually two couples start dancing. Very early 20’s. Alcohol in hand. And then it’s just a rub fest. Blechchchc.

It’s been while since I have been a part of anything remotely party drinky rubby. But I quickly remembered that alcohol makes people do some really stupid stuff. Thus the sign below the stage. So many Bible verses flooded my mind. Do not be drunk with wine, but be filled with the Holy Spirit. Wine is a mocker. Do not be given to much wine. On and on. And I remember thinking how sad it was that people need alcohol to have a good time.

Case in point. Cheri. She is David’s wife. The pastor our youth. She had nothing to drink that we know of. And she was laughing her head off all night. And it made all of us laugh. She should never drink alcohol. She probably wouldn’t. But the point is, we all laughed and had a great time. No booze. A lot of tea. Maybe we were buzzed on caffeine.

At any rate, it was an interesting night. I think I have hearing loss.

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