I find as we are starting to grow, it is more and more difficult to keep track of people. To pastor people requires a certain amount of awareness, including consistant attendance. A church I served in Kansas City ran around 1,800. They passed sign in sheets down the row. And on Monday morning, the receptionist entered the information. By the middle of the week, we had a report showing who had been out of church for more than one week in a row. Then, the list was divided amongst the pastors and we called each person to make sure they were ok, and to see if there was anything we could help them with or pray for them.

I like this idea. The concept is important. And at our size, it won’t be a huge adminsitrative burden. But as we grow, I can see it being more of a challenge. If you have any insight into this, pro’s or con’s, methodology, software ideas, please let me know.

2 Responses to Attendance

  1. eric wright says:

    There is always that chip in the back of the hand or forehead thing…

  2. I think it just might work.

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