Nikon D40

Ever since we brought Chad on staff at Legacy there has been this dark, creeping, sinister electronics presence. I knew he was a Mac geek coming into the deal. But then he shows up with an iphone and a bunch of Nikon gear. And because Chad hangs out on the dark side, there has been some desire in me lately to get an iphone since I have been an avid user of the itouch for a few months.

After seeing his camera, I have felt that dark presence again to get a Nikon. I have always been a Canon user. ALWAYS. But yesterday I gave in to the dark side and purchased a D40. I did go by Best Buy to take a look at it. As I picked it up I could hear this subtle, quiet, “yessssss”. By the way, is Best Buy becoming a Barnes and Noble of sorts? You simply go there to check stuff out but you go home and order it online.

At any rate, the D40 is headed my way and should arrive at my house today. But I will not go down that final dark alley of the Mac. No no. I will resist. And don’t make a comment that “resistence is futile”.

7 Responses to Nikon D40

  1. Just start drinking the Kool-aid. The iPhone is just a portal… 🙂

  2. Chad Wright says:

    Your resistance is…amusing.

    I’ve always been happy to spread my dark influence. Call me when your laptop finally irritates you for the last time.

  3. Chad Wright says:

    And congratulations on the new camera by the way. You really will love it.

  4. Is Mac a greek word for computer cult.

  5. Steve McCoy says:

    Nikon d40, great choice. Enjoy.

  6. Mike P says:

    I had the D40x for about 7 months and I know that the difference between that and D40 basically boils down to a matter of megapixels and a few other differences that really won’t matter much in the long run. That said, I think you’ll really enjoy the camera.

    My suggestion on lenses would be to get yourself a macro lens for extreme close shots and a reasonable general purpose 18-200 lens with VR (Nikon) or OS (Sigma) or whatever your preferred lens manufacture is, just make sure that if you’re not going to do mostly tripod shots you get some kind of stabilization equipped lens.

    A few places to get decent equipment online for a decent price would be and Do your research, get what you can afford and what you’ll use.

    And good luck!

    Mike P

  7. Mike. Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it. When I do buy lenses, I will have to do it under ther radar as I blew out our budget buying the camera…grins. I knew about BHP. I didnt know about adorama. Thanks much!

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