As we are looking at the calendar for the next couple of months, I have to remind myself that one of the strengths of our church is simplicity. We are not complicated. And we keep a very simple and straightforward calendar. The rythm is not hard to understand. But we have to fight to keep it that way. It is so important to know our strengths and not veer too far away from them. Simple doesn’t mean less quality less engaging. It just means simple.

2 Responses to Simplicity

  1. Aaron says:

    i am from austin…live in the Houston area now…..would like to check out your church when I am in Austin some weekend. I also posted on the idea of ‘Simplicity’ here…..

  2. Thanks for the post. Great comments on your blog. You are welcome to hang out with us whenever you are in town. Give me a heads up so I can look for you! I bet you would love to move back to Austin!!!!

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