Electronics Observations

Whenever you buy something of a portable electronic sort these days, you have to wait before you get to play with it normally. Why? Dang batteries have to be recharged. The agony of waiting for those blinking lights to stop blinking.

Every device seems to have a power source, an input slot, an output slot, and a viewing surface. How similiar is that to humans. God has wired us to get our power and input from Him. He designed us to give out. And He designed us to be an expression of Him. Amazing. I smell a sermon series coming on this.

Whatever I buy today is pretty much obsolete. The newer improved version is already being readied for public consumption, no matter what it is.

I try not to buy geek toys for the sake of having them. They have to have a function. They have to serve me somehow. And being able to articulate those functions is what gets those through the finance committee (which is really just a meeting my wife and I have periodically)

A laptop costs the same as a Nikon D40 costs the same as an iphone costs the same as a plane ticket to Florida costs the same as my son’s select soccer team registration costs the same as 136 number eleven’s at Whataburger.

I am a second generation buyer. That means I try to never buy something if it is brand new to the market. I wait til it has a revision or two. I don’t like to be a crash test dummy.

My kids are electronic grave diggers. As soon as I buy something, they start trying to get all my old stuff. On my old camera, I have a Mickey Mouse camera strap. First thing out of my daughter’s mouth after I announce the camera purchase was “can I have your Mickey strap”. As soon as I got the itouch, my son was already fishing around to get me old ipod video. Vultures.

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