Immediate Feedback

I was watching something on the glowbox last night. It was about people who are so fed up with their customer service that they youtube the experience or make whole web pages out of their frustration. There was a guy who was trying to get some relief from Mac. After no help, he made a youtube video where he is smashing a Mac computer (yes I am typing that with a smirk).

I just read a story about Jamies Spears, 16, pregnant. She is engaged. And after the story, there were some readers responses.

And if you heard anything about the SXSWi conference, you knew about the Facebook founder’s interview and the crowd getting riled up and how immediately that experience was being twittered about.

As the church, we are going to have to redeem this trend. We are going to have to find ways to engage this trend and use it for the Gospel. All this stuff is open source. It is immediate feedback. And other than cranking out a bunch of youtube videos, we need to analyze the spectrum of immediate feedback opportunities to see what we can do for the sake of the Gospel. It’s not just Facebooking or Myspacing. It’s the opportunity to make a statement about what is happening at this moment.

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