Old Guys

I am just gonna say it. I think the church has gotten into the habit of discarding old guys. We think that the young hip guys who wear jeans and cool shirts and have churches running in the thousands are all the rage. They are. There are some great young guns on the scene tearing it up for Jesus. But honestly, the voice of the elder is still to me one of the most powerful voices on the planet. I just listened to a few messages by some older guys and they simply rocked me. And it led me to examine some things.

Where would Saul or David have been without Samuel
Where would Joshua have been without Moses
Where would Moses have been without Jethro

You get the picture. I think the universal church is in desperate need for fathers in the faith. Mentors. Older wiser people who understand how to weather storms and avoid the latest fads and understand how to stand firm in the face of adversity. We need older men and women who understand what it means to be committed to something greater than themselves. How will we survive without embracing the elder brother and elder sister? How?

I am praying that our church embraces the elder. I am praying that we desire to grow up and mature into the elders that have a voice of maturity and a ministry of mentoring.

I can hear the skeptic now. Old people just don’t get it. Old people are in the past. Old people are slow. Come back in 30 years and repeat that in my ear please. And I will be happy to repeat it back to you and see if you can hear me.

One Response to Old Guys

  1. Scott says:

    I can hear you loud and clear! — This is the largest problem we as church planters have unless one of these wise folks follows us to the field. It takes YEARS to disciple guys like this.

    Thank God someone else sees the need!

    Good thoughts

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