Monday roundup

The beloved Longhorns lost to Memphis. That was kind of painful. But wow. Memphis is for real. My pick for the whole enchilada is N.C. even though I don’t like one single team in the final four.

Attendance was off yesterday in church. That so frustrates me. Why do so many make a deliberate effort to get to church on Easter and then decide to take the next Sunday off? I think alot of that falls back on the home values. It should be a value that church is a priority and that the question is not even considered “Are we going to church today?” This is on my prayer list.

I am gearing up for the Ephesians series starting in a couple of weeks. I think I need to do a lot more prep time than normal for this one.

I may delay the series one week. I am thinkng of preaching a message on committment. I am wrestling with some things and don’t know if I need to pray about them or preach about them. It’s really always something I have to deal with because some things have to be done in a place of prayer and some things need to be done in a place of preaching. Get em mixed up and it can get ugly.

I am starting to see some movement in our leadership. People are slowly stepping up and quietly taking part of the ministry as their own, and running with it. That is so refreshing. Church is a team sport. It is not a spectator sport. And the more we all can do, the more we all can do.

Hey thanks for reading. I don’t know why you read this blog. Honestly, as I said before, this is just my personal think tank.

2 Responses to Monday roundup

  1. Cam Beck says:

    Tony – Do you publish your sermons via podcasts or some other means? It’s relatively simple to do, and I’d love to hear your work on Ephesians.

    It may be a way to increase your reach, too, for people who are looking for answers to life’s questions.

  2. Yes we do podcast. You can get the podcast link off of under the resources section. I am cranking up the Ephesians series starting the first Sunday in May. I have a three week series I am preaching before we get there.

    Our next wrinkle to add will be video of the service served up online. That should go up maybe at the end of the summer.

    Thank always for your comments!!!

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