A True Father

Today I had the most overwhelming pleasure of having dinner with Dick Iverson. The guys is 70+. This man in my mind has really gone through the test of time and come out with integrigy, dignity, and a legacy that surpasses so many others. I was truly humbled to be next to him trading stories and talking about what God is doing.

There is a HUGE difference between being with people who are peers and people who are fathers. The first time I met him yesterday, he grabbed me and hugged me like I was his son. Today, before we sat at dinner, he grabbed me again and hugged me. I did not know he would be eating at my table. My wife were sitting alone and just waiting to see who would wind up at our table. And he just walked over and asked if he could be our guest.

I have met some amazing people. Well known people. But none have impressed me so much so quickly as Dick Iverson. I am really digging MFI. And I am hoping that in some small way, we will bring something to the table of this organization. As mentioned before, what I love about MFI is that there are so many seasoned individuals in this group that it maintains a balance across time.

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