Take That

Suffering is awful. No one is signing up for the “Suffering Society”. Yet we find ourselves in it from time to time or we find others in it. And we all wonder why. What’s the purpose? Why me? I think God, in His infinite wisdom and unsearchable depths, either simply allows our suffering or puts in our order for it. I keep hearing more and more stories about how miraculous things happened at the end of someones suffering. God seems to employ every resource in His arsenal to bring about His Kingdom. And if it happens to interfere with what our kingdom is doing, well, that is of no matter to Him as the best and ultimate good comes when His Kingdom is at work. I don’t think I will ever embrace suffering like a champ. But I at least have some sense that God could be at work and there is something really wonderful at the end of it. The cross of Christ is my best example.

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