Honestly, our perception of God is just too shallow and limited. It’s limited in how we see His power. We forget that the walls of Jericho came down, that quail fell out of the sky to feed a large group of people, and that by His words, the worlds were formed. We forget that there is no distance He won’t go to get us prepared for what He has planned for us. Joseph in prison. Daniel in the den of lions. Jonah in a whales gut. We forget that He would send His only son to die for a bunch of underachieving, short sighted, evil thinking and evil doing people. We forget so much that it skews our perception.

And because our perception is skewed, we jump to conclusions why things are or are not happening. Surely we can do better than that. Surely we can look for God in prayer and admit we have no clue about what He is doing at times. Surely we can simply learn to embrace the now and determine that our perception of what He is doing is pretty nearsighted.

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