Stimulous check google searchers

Today was an all time high for those seeking a post I wrote a long time ago about the stimulous checks going out in May. So I am guessing you came here today because you had to pay your taxes and you are looking for some Government love in return.

God’s economy though is different than the government. God asks you to give a portion of your income to Him. There is no complicated form or process. It’s simple. Just begin giving to God. And you won’t be needing that stimulous check. Instead, you will find God begins to meet your needs. You will find God speaking to you about how to avoid making mistakes with your money. You will find a joy in giving to the work and ministry of Jesus on the earth. And you will have a sense of purpose so different than the sense you now have as you begin to write your check to the government.

Sure I know. You think all churches talk about is money. What we talk about, rather, is this business of sowing and reaping. If you give to God, He in turn begins to bless you and honor you for giving in obedience to Him. And, as yout give, usually at a local church, that local church can do more to help those in your community in so many ways. I challenge you to commit to a period of 90 days. Just begin giving to God. And see if God doesnt show up in different ways for you financially.

2 Responses to Stimulous check google searchers

  1. Doc says:

    You silly people waiting for god to hand you everything. God put you here and gave you talents that are unique to you. Use them in a positive way to help your fellow man…then you will be judged as you should be…otherwise to use God for your own ends is but a sin….against God and man.


  2. Doc. Thanks for your comment. While I don’t want to debate the merits of your somewhat harsh email, I understand your point. On the other hand, at our church, we are trying to help people walk in faithfulness and obedience. It’s easy to make broad statements like yours and paint everyone with a broad brush. I would be more than happy to compare the giving statements and volunteer hours some of our people, including myself, put in at our church and for the cause of Christ. Instead of looking down on a braod spectrum of people, I choose to look up, call up, and cheer on. And in time, people will eventually use all they have for the kingdom of God. Til then, I am just going to cheer them on and point them to Christ. Thanks again for your comment.

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