Dear Gary Lamb

I see you got a tattoo. Since your blog is CLOSED to comments, I thought I would jot a few questions out.

1. What happens if you leave revolution to be the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers?

2. What happens if your other buds start their own churches someday? I guess the church will have to start wih and R.

3. What is on your other leg? Is it a C? So from the rear your legs are R C?

4. What is on your other leg? Is it an L? So that you know which is right and which is left if you are walking backwards?

5. What if you change the name of your chuch again? It will have to start with R I guess.

6. Which of your group cried the most?

7. Did you get a pastors discount?

8. Does the tattoo parlor give you any commission on referrals?

9. What other tattoos are in store for you?

10. That is one hairy leg dude. Not so much a question as it is an observation of the beauty of the creativity of man.

For Gary’s inked up limb, go here

One Response to Dear Gary Lamb

  1. Gary says:

    Someone just sent this to me and it made me laugh out loud so I thought I would break my rule about posting on blogs and answer your questions. 🙂

    1.) As tempting as being the QB for the Panthers would be, it would be a step down from pastoring Revolution so I would have to pass.
    2.) We’ve been together since the start and we’ve burned every bridge we know starting this church. We know no one else would have any of us so we are stuck here and happy about that.
    3.) Nothing on the other leg. Got the first one sleeved first.
    4.) See above. 🙂
    5.) Tattoos are much about where you’ve been as where you are currently. I’ve kept this logo through both names so it should work for a third one as well.
    6.) No tears were shed, though I came VERYclose
    7.) No, but I should have tried
    8.) Again that would be a no. Wish I would have thought of that
    9.) I’ve got some ideas but I would have kill you if I told you
    10.) Really? That cut me deep.

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