Spell what

I may need to start composing all my stuff in word so it automatically spell checks for me. I mistype everything. I don’t know why. I can type around 70 a minute. But my mind thinks in the autobahn lane where there is no limit. Sure wordpress has a spell checker. But that would slow me down and get me into a school zone speed.

Yesterday, for whatever reason, I spelled Spanish S p a n n i s h. Why aren’t there two n’s in Spanish? I know when I mespell things it slows the reader down. But I am not trying to slow down for the reader. Savvvvvy?

I can’t wait for the day when I have an admin assistant. Then that person can simply come behind me with a spell checking broom and dust pan and clean up. My goal is warp speed. I want my ears to peel back and my hair to be straight out behind me. But spell check? Oh boy. To me it would be like putting a sheet of plywood in front of a race car. I know. I know. I should do it. I know. I get it. But I just don’t do it. I will try. But maybe not. But maybe. Perhaps this only goes out by prayer and fasting.

4 Responses to Spell what

  1. Chad Wright says:

    Two things. One, at least you consistently spelled it wrong. Made me think it was some joke I just didn’t get.

    Two, Safari (Apple’s web browser) has a built in spell checker.

  2. Kandy says:

    You misspelled “misspell” (mespell?)

  3. People people. Here’s what you guys can do. Start another blog. Name it whatever you want. Take whatever I write. Run it through a spell checker word grinder. Then, repost it on the new blog. So this in a sense is where I throw all the junk down. You guys can then fix it all, clean it up, make it all PC and make nicey nicey with the spelling.

  4. And I don’t care if the Mac will type the dang thing for you. for the love of mac or pete

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