As I have blogged about before, I am heading long into the video training. Here is the first video I posted. Forget about the lighting and the quality. I will work on that. Here are things I am thinking about.

Staff training – I can break down some teaching elements and put them into a video, dump it down, and place pdf notes online. The leaders can go through this at home. It saves a meeting. It gets training done. It is then done for whoever comes on staff later on.

Membership – I am going to put our membership stuff into video format. PDF’s will be emailed to whoever is wanting to go through the class. They are then assigned a staff member to interview them before the class and after for q and a. This eliminates extra outings for church members and it helps us focus on other aspects of ministry. From time to time, we will do a live membership class for those not interested in online stuff.

Leadership development – We are developing our leadership track. This will include spiritual authority, prayer life of a leader, foundations of the faith, and a lot more. We can put this stuff online and create an online learning environment. Someone wants to know how to read their Bible? Video. Pair them up with a mentor.

This is obviously a process in the making. Thoughts?

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