Parents Meeting

I went to a parents meeting for my son’s soccer team. It is amazing how passionate people can be about what they believe in. It was hard not to draw some comparisons to church. But I did it anyway.

-Those that are investing whole-heartedly into something get very frustrated with those that are not. Lack of commitment is always being challenged by those that are totally on board.

-The coach is usually the one that has to lead and direct from day one. And the pastor is the same way. If something is wrong, it can all go back to the point person. The question came up several times by the coach “How can we improve to avoid the problems we had this season”

-Everyone has their perspective on things. And normally their perspective is the springboard for their comments. And most people want their comments to be heard with the same passion in which they give them. Wrong or right, they have passion.

-The club team has a reputation to uphold and protect. And we talked a lot about doing our part in preserving the image and integrity of the “flag”. Church seems to have the same challenges. How do we serve our church with integrity and have a great reputation in the community.

-Communication is key. Fundamental. Absolute. If communication is lacking, everything else will eventually falter.

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