A church is a complex network of systems. Some we can see clearly. Some we can’t. Some are purposed and developed and planned. Some happen under the surface. Some are championed by great people. Some are championed by people undercover. But all in all, it’s complex.

What’s difficult is trying to put systems in place that facilitate something. If it doesn’t do anything or benefit anyone, it’s a useless system. And then, once we know we need a system or have a system, it is a constant challenge to communicate the reason for the system.

I could go down the list of systems in our church. And I can recite the vision for those systems. And it seems like every time I do tell someone the vision, it’s like it was being told or heard for the first time. Youth ministry. Hospitality. Worship. Baby dedication. Whatever. As my good friend Jeremy Self said, quoting someone else, vision has to be retold so much that we begin to choke on it.

So what’s the issue? The systems have to be in place to execute the word and vision and direction Jesus has for the church on the earth. And if our systems aren’t facilitating that, then it becomes a lot lot dropping a buck into a coke machine that is completely empty and won’t give your money back when you hit refund.

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