Social networking can’t

…give you a hug when you are feeling frustrated

…visit you in the hospital and bring you flowers

…help you change a flat tire or help you move

…meet you for breakfast, look in your eyes, and see the passion you have about your vision

…shake your hand

…go to the baseball game and eat dollar night hotdogs

…celebrate your kids marriage with you

…type this post by itself without any fingers or voice

Seriously, social networking can’t and should not replace the human elements. People are holing up in their homes and diving off into electroville. Come out folks. Experience life with someone in person today.

2 Responses to Social networking can’t

  1. Chad Wright says:

    On the other hand social network should not be completely discounted. I can point you to a handful of people I’ve met through things like blogging and twitter that I’d consider better fiends than some I know in person.

    Come to think of it, isn’t blogging why I ended up here in Austin?

  2. I am not saying chunk soc networking. but I want face to face interaction. nothing takes the place of being with someone on the journey.

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