I am with you

I like movies or songs or commercials that pull you in and insert you into the experience. You know, like you are living it with them. It’s kind of how the TV show The Office is. Some singers and songwriters can craft songs that make you feel like you are living it. Some paintings and pictures are done in such a way that you can feel yourself being in it.

A church experience can kind of get like that. But is it good. After the Office is over, I turn off the TV and forget the experience pretty quickly. After I hear a song that pulls me in, within three and a half minutes, there is another song right after it. In a church experience, the ultimate goal is not for people to feel it and then move on and forget all about it. The goal is for Jesus to meet with each individual and have a real experience that will last beyond the church meeting. With that in mind, it can be tempting to plan church services that engage like a TV show but have no lasting value. Still thinking this over and praying about it. But that’s what I am thinking about today.

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