He will see you now

Holy cow. I had an 8:30 am appointment to get my eyes examined. I was previously diagnosed wit carataconus or however you spell it. So I wanted to go to a specialist and get it really looked at. My appointment was to be at 8:30 am. They didn’t have me down even though my handy dandy little appointment card showed otherwise. But they took me anyway. So after about 45 minutes, I finally got beyond the waiting population in the lobby to the waiting population in the rooms.

As normal in most places, they send in the prep guy. After going through all the normal “prep guy” stuff, he left me and said it wouldn’t be long. Really? Unfortunately, I needed to go to the restroom. So, I just left and went to the bathroom. Came back about five minutes later. No one missed me. Seems the doctor was running way behind. Amazing.

So after a few text messages, the seeing eye doctor came in and gave me an exam. Apparently my carataconus is extremely mild. But because my vision is junked up with extreme nearsightedness and astigmatism, my contacts may need to go from soft to hard. And the price range automatically goes into high gear. What a blessing.

Add to that, the dilated my eyes today. That means everything looks like I slept in my contacts by accident and then smeared peanut butter on em. In fact, I am having a tough time reading what I am writing hear. What a neat day this has turned out to be. By the way, from start to finish, the eye exam was 2 hours and 45 minutes in duration. Can someone please put in a drive through window?

2 Responses to He will see you now

  1. Hey Tony, my husband’s day started with an eye exam and ended in the hospital, where he remains as I’m waiting to finally pick him up.

    The eye appt. went well. It was the urology appt. and the pesky kidney stone that didn’t come out so well. Or the allergic reaction to the antibiotics they gave him to prepare him for a simple procedure and the subsequent shots of epinephrine and benadryl so his eyeballs wouldn’t pop out of his head.

    Several hours later, admitted to the hospital for surgery, which finally happened at 11 pm. Still waiting for recovery to be complete and I think I might get him home by 1:30 am.

    Makes me almost superstitious about eye doctors, except my appointment the other day just resulted in a new and improved prescription.

  2. OK. So maybe my eye exam wasn’t that bad. I am wondering how all those exams and passing a kidneys stone and surgery and drugs are doing to help his eyesight?…:)

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